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county thaer may have been leaking for months. what is being done now to repair it. >> in san jose, a 2000 year old ritual to highlight the need for immigration reform, more coming up. >> and also ahead researchers hope to unlock mysteries of park wrin son's disease by >>> religious leaders are yugsing both passover and easter to highlight the need for immigration reform with the help of a ritual to make the point. abc news is live for news san jose with the story. thomas? >> we're here at san jose city hall. behind me there is a celebration and a flag raising for cesar chavez a champion for social justice this, was meant to highlight the need to give undocumented immigrants the justice they need. the council held a news conference in front of the san jose building. the reverend says there is a need for immigration reform. >> we're behind immigration reform, we're behind people, rights of people in need and zront a voice themselves. that is what it's all about. >> the group comprised of clergy sang, walking the plaza to perform an ancient rite. washing feet of local imgranlts. it's
. >> nick, thank you. >> san jose appears to be winning an ongoing battle with texas ask other states trying to lure high tech companies. a key reason? resurgence in manufacturing. abc 7 nurse is live tonight with a prime example for us. david? >> we're outside besttronics tonight. a contract manager here 27 years but it's been running out of capacity. clients trying to do more assembly here so it's expanded and it's hiring. jobs have been ton a decline, down almost 20% in five years but a turn around is in the works. besttronics is a contract manufacturer and based on demand from local assembly, they've moved to a facility three times larger planning to go from 126 employees to 200 incoming month autos we've got people now who need a job. this is great to see them have an opportunity. >> samsung received $7 million to build a new headquarters on north first street. and tele bunkin is close to taking over the former svtc manufacturing complex nearby. the development director says companies are sold on locating here. >> biggest incentive to locating in san jose is access to the technical work
was killed. the people were killed yesterday in san francisco, san jose, and union city. this the most recent was in hayward. reporter: this officer-involved shooting ended right behind me here on foot foothill boulevardh this case a passenger is dead. the driver of the car who had been pulled over for speeding, hat been charged with two felonies, including homicide. this all started about a half a mile away from here at 3:20 this morning. >>> this crashed maroon honda civic shows the impact from at least eight gunshots. after union officer fired at the car after he tried to ram his patrol car. it hayes sunday morning. the car had been pulled over for speeding. the officer, who had a civilian in his car, tried to get the honda driver to get out. according to the police, the driver lunged the car at the officer, who fired at least ten times at the honda as it sped off. the officer had no choice. >> he drove at them. shots fired in the sense of -- fired at the direction of the driver. reporter: orange circles marked with the officer's spent shelz fell to the street. five shots hit the passenger
. they said the judge did the right thing. >> i think it's fair. >> the san jose attorney was a defendant in the trial but there was a hung injury on his charges, prosecutors trying to decide whether to try him again. >> we've been getting sprinkles today but there is wetter weather coming just off shore right now. here with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> it's now coming onshore of oakland and hayward reporting light rain. i'll show what it looks like don't be too concerned about yellows and reds here. this is not as heavy as what you're looking at now. light rain around sonoma mountain parkway. we're seeing very light returns. now, from san francisco down towards south san francisco, pacifica area we're seeing very light rain as well. and heading out towards east bay, i mentioned oakland and hayward, foot hill boulevard light showers right now as you look towards milpitas san jose area. yellow not an indication of moderate rain. so we're seeing some rainfall right now around 880, airport boulevard, yes. evening commute starting to become wet. and i'll let you know. >> a devastated zment
tonight at 6:00 the new minimum wage in san jose. $10 an hour, starts monday. how you may be paying for it already. >> i'm sandhya patel. system brought us rain heading out. what is coming in for the weekend. >> imposters poising aztec support targeting consumers. i'm michael finney. ahead, how you can protect yourself against fraud. >> and you'll see what it takes to move a museum. tonight the woman who tonight the woman who choreographed a bigys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >>> after years of cutting back to save money san jose mayor is ready to start beefing up public safety again two. years ago the city facing a $115 million short fall. the mayor and counsel laid of
-per-hour, and san jose, breezy, westerly wind at 12 miles-per-hour. highs today, we warmed up nicely. the high clouds still we us out there right now. santa rosa, 70. concord, 71. santa cruz, 73. the rooftop cam, looking down on the embarcadero. san carlos, 64. san jose, high clouds. 64. and santa cruz right now, 63. from our mt. tamalpais camera you can see high clouds already starting to develop across the bay area. santa rosa right now, 69. 71 in fairfield, and hay werd right now, 61. this is the forecast highlights, clouds overnight. partly cloudy monday, and then showers likely as we head towards the latter part of the work week. lows tonight as the clouds venture in, they'll help to insulate us a little more so temperatures will come up a few degrees, especially in the north and east bay locations. livermore, 41. the closer to the bay and the coast, the more moderate the temperature will be. so san francisco overnight, 47. richmond as well. high pressure responsible for this nice spring weekend will start to lose a little bit of its grip tomorrow. so we'll look for a little bet more clou
's edge. san francisco tonight, dipping to 48. 44, half moon bay, san jose, 45. this is the setup. high pressure responsible for bringing us just a string of very springlike, 70-degree temperature days. the past five or seven days. it's starting to lose its grip. we're already starting to see the high clouds advance. the cold front, this is what we can expect on monday. increasing clouds. by tuesday afternoon, that is when the first batch of showers should start to move in fromle the next cold front. this is monday. 6:00. and you can definitely see the clouds increasing. we'll take you into tuesday morning. 5:00 a.m. that looks good. the high clouds. check out the evening commute. this is 3:00. that's when the first wave of moisture, tuesday, 3:00, in the afternoon, and then by 6:00, the rain is over the bay area, and it will continue to move through tuesday night and early wednesday morning. turning to showers by wednesday afternoon. highs tomorrow, come down a few more degrees with more high cloud, 67, san jose, palo alto, 66. san francisco, 62. north bay, not as many 70s. mid-to-uppe
police nor city attorney would give us a comment today. >> just when san jose finally has its budget in order a state agency may throw out the public employee pension reform many credit for the balanced budget. voters approve measure b last june. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story. >> the first battle was at the ballot box should san jose impose pension reform on workers. it pass bid 70% of the vote last june but tho now an agency issued a complaint against a city that it didn't bargain in good faith before putting issue on the ballot. >> it will be a trial. there will be witnesses under oath. documents and argue fumts. a judge will issue a decision. >> the units are happy the state agency issued four complaints supporting the firefighters, two engineering units and staff. the mayor thinks complaints have no merit. >> we met and confered for months on end so we have done a great deal of negotiations i think when facts are looked at that will indlud it was in good faith. >> the city has seen obligations grow reaching almost $200 million and rising. deficits triggered cut ba
in the clouds. none of this is reaching the ground yet. it will be tracking rain tomorrow night. from san jose, you can see what it looks like now. high clouds moving through. temperatures this afternoon got up to 65 degrees and here is a look at the different vantage point. you can see sun trying to peak through high clouds right now. temperatures 64 santa rosa. los gatos, 66 degrees. here is what is coming up. cloudy skies overnight. rain for your tuesday night into wednesday. and you'll need rain gear, here is a storm getting closer to the bay area. it's a warm storm. so if you're wondering three to six inches expected but around 6500 to 7,000 neat elevation. high clouds before the rain now sheer what is coming up in terms of rain here in the bay area. cloudy skies, into 5:00 a.m. some of you heading out of the door will get breaks from clouds at 5:00 a.m. this is to see more cloud cover. then rain starts to approach at 5:00 p.m. light to moderate rain going into wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers around. it's moving through the heart of the bay area, behind it a few lingering
with information is asked to call martinez police. >> laura, thank you. >> if san jose's want the a's to move they may have to take the giants to court first. the counselman represents downtown san jose and wants san jose to sue the giants. the giants claim to have territorial rights to the skpaer it could be the biggest hold up for winning permission for a's to relocate. >> there is no other company or industry that believes they have that right. so it's time for us to show that that is not the case. >> lou wolf reacted with this statement saying quote we're part of the partnership and will continue to respect the constitution and agreements that govern our participation. >> the actress who pioneered a role of an independent woman on television is working hard to motivate woman. she spoke to more than 500 attendees. marlos thomas says women have more work to do to have the same rights, and pay as men. i was there as master of ceremonies. she told me this conference gives women the skills they need to follow their dreams. the conference provides work shops in health and finance. it was a sold
. and it may appear level, but it's not. this side is in san jose. that side, santa clairea. the minimum wage on this side is $10 but $8 on that side. >> increase big $2 has been compared to a economic stimulus. workers will be happier, more productive. there won't be the same retention problems and it's good for the economy of the region. >> but people like edwin look at san jose side. on his side, in the city of santa clairea, he still making $8 an hour. the six lane boulevard turned into a divide. >> across the street over there we're start part of santa clairea. two blocks down i'd make $10. >> instead of retaining workers the new wage law may create new competition for jobs. brian walker just started working at the starving musician and likes the job the store and his co-workers but could be woer working for $10 instead of $8. >> there is a music store across the street i probably would have applied for that one. >> there is another wrinkle. landscape employees paid based on how much of the day is spent in san jose. >> it would become kind of a -- a paper work accounting nightmare when y
in east san jose turned up a thousand video clips and children who appear to be from 5 to 9 years old. >> the way sit right now, there are so many suspects out there that are sharing child important yog graphy. we have to pick the worse of the worse. >> the school district notified parents about at rest. he worked from 2008 until just weeks ago. the district is asking parents to speak with their children to make sure none of them had improper contact with him. >> we're learning about how a registered sex offender ended up on a school bus with high school students. a parent who uses a wheel skmair her friend got a ride home from andrew hill high at deanza college. the friend turned out to be a registered sex offender. >> the policies are set up so this doesn't hachl i understand the situation our staff showed for this volunteer who is wheelchair bound but the parent was not scheduled to be on the trip. >> accord tg police the man did not commit a crime. >> a former congressman is joining surfers in a legal light to gain access to a private cove south of half moon bay. a billionaire say
a head injury last week. >> san jose starting to fill a gap in the police department. 43 new recruits graduated today. and members say that number is not close to being enough. >> these new recruits won't able to work alone until finishing their field training. residents hope prince well help prevent crime. here they'll be sworn in this, is the first kad my class since 2009. residents say it's about time more officers hit streets. >> we're in need of policemen. and... my goodness, they better hire them back as far as i'm concerned. >> into these recruits have gone through six months of training. mark minton used to work in manufacturing he's been waiting for an kad my to open up two years. >> as far as being a police officer i was doing that jork started to go to school. and they opened up. i put my name in immediately. >> the graduation is a small step to try to fill the hundreds of vacancies since cuts forced layoffs. >> it's such a relief not to be shrinking in the department. and laying off officers to see growth its not true. we've had close to 10 resignations just this year. wit
there may be other victims. he is the coach of the california smoke a boy's baseball team in san jose. he previously coached at palo alto high and bishop odoud in oakland. >> manhunt for a serial bank robber in the north bay. take a look at this picture of the sfekt you will. fbi has joined force was santa rosa and ron yark park police. he's dubbed the hoody bandit. he's believed to be connected to three robberies during first two weeks of february. >> the san francisco 49ers got a victory this fwheek a courtroom. a judge ruled that the nfl team is entitled the money as part of the stadium deal. it became a free-for-all. schools wanted it and so did the governor. the judge ruled the deal before it disappeared. when the 49ers and raiders and every other team takes a field next season, the game will be played differently. under pressure, the nl made a major change. wayne freedman is here to explain new rules. >> we have seen rule change that's we have a level playing field at least figure tiffly. it's a rule for offensive players running the ball. >> this is what we love about footbal
. >>> san jose's minimum wage workers are getting a raise, a big one. $2 an hour. the minimum wage goes up to $10 an hour tomorrow. opponents say the hike will hurt employees and businesses. however businesses that already pay workers over $10 an hour say the higher wage has led to better more expral lower turnover. >>> in san francisco, someone dropped lots of trash on a city street. the smelly pile was on mason and washington streets across fro the cable car museum. people, including tourists, had to ma muir through the trash. >> certain parts of the town, it's disgusting. >> embarrassment, ugly. it's just sad to see, tourists look at this and say, san francisco? >> ama: the department of public works told us crews are cleaning up the mess. a spokesperson says the department picks up 30-tons of trash from illegal dumping every year. >> stress and your health, the long-term damage you can face from getting too stressed out. >>> another beautiful day but what's ahead for your work week? >> leigh: is up next with the forecast. >> mike: team u.s.a. agent had their hands full with canada. and
here in san jose. >> this is the almost the end of the universe. i know the pope. >> he met the future pope in the 1908s. he knew that he was a man of the people with a deep seated concern for the poor. >> it's a poor neighborhood. and he had them deal -- work with the poor they established a chain of schools serving really wandering people from that part of latin america so. he is quietly authentic. >> there is a new sense of pride. >> for me, i'm happy. >> there is hope the roots will set the phone for the church. >> it's funny people care about family. to be together. and try to care about old, old grandpas and friends. >> the bishop hopes he will address the sex abuse issue. >> i would hope again this ho. ly father would also take that in hand and do his very best to help all of us. throughout the world to make sure this child and adult is safe. >> he probably knows the new pope best. george bergoglio welcomed him into the jesuit order. >> is he not a man who traveled extensively but he has seen poverty in argentinea. that opened his eyes to reality of poverty. >> father gomez told
are dropping money in san jose. many from out of town so some will be slay staiing over and ken is spending real money here two nights in hotel another 500 going out. about 4,000s oodz scalpers are getting a cut of the action as are vendors. these brothers see games as a perfect opportunity. >> i think this is going to be like a weekend. so maybe. yes. maybe around there. >> there is bigger money to be made ameci is planning meal autos if you're going to make dough with dough? >> we made up to a thousand pizzas. we can sell them on concourse level we're expecting another 150 large petes yaz for the crowd. >> not everything is about b.making money. brian is trying to give away tickets instead of paying a scalper to sell them. >> i'm going to look for a family to give them tickets. because it's -- i'd rather see a family sigt next to us. >> that sounds like a good deal. >> yes. yes. they can buy us hot dogs. >> all of this is good for san joyce yeah. and san jose didn't have to give up tax breaks because they did not get involved in the bidding for the ncaa games. >> david, thank you. >> that
, he resigned. we're live with the latest on this. david? >> the name is well known in san jose. this center is named after the late george shirakowa, senior now the name of his son appears on this complaint claiming he forged documents and used public funds for his own use, charges that could land him behind bars. george shirakowa junior has been elected official for a egg decade until today. investigators say he was cheating taxpayers and donors by using their money at this personal piggy bank to fuel what he admitted is a gambling and are depression. >> the only person allowed to sign checks ordeal with that account was george shirakowa. he took in campaign money and used it in casinos. >> investigators say he used a credit card at cash creek and reno casinos. they found half of a $200 tab was spent on alcohol. he signed a form claiming no alcohol was charged to tax payers, evidence laid out this week in an agreement reach that had he will plead guilty pay penalties and reimburse the county $17,000. he will face jail time. district attorney explains why he is not seeking stat
on thursday in san jose. abc 7 news will carry that live starting at 11:00 a.m. on the air and online. in addition a public viewing will take place at santa cruz memorial. you'll pass by caskets between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. sargeant butch baker and elizabeth baker were kill bid a man they were gaitd an attempted sexual assault case. most offices will be closed for services on thursday. >> we're learning more tonight about the theft of a yacht that ran aground in pacifica. it's a strange story. the suspected thieves were photographed before the boat was stolen. that is where more on what transpired two men and a woman just didn't look right so an alert boat owner snap aid picture of them. sausalito police now have that photograph and of course, after the boat ran aground there was chances to photograph them being arrested. three people pulled off the super yacht and then, arrested for stealing the boat from its berth in sausalito are all waiting formal charges in court tomorrow. 63-year-old leslie gardener and daro mira and lisa modewell. >> yesterday the detectives interviewed
chance of sprinkles in the north bay. east of san jose there could with a springel twomplt overnight tonight, cloudy skies, clouds increase. low temperatures mid 40s and a chance of a scattered sprinkle or two. tomorrow, highs into mid-60s, 65 san jose. pin anyone slarks low to mid-60s. mid-50s on the coast. up in the north bay milder than that. we'll see mid 60s in santa rosa. east bay highs 64 in oakland and newark. inland mid to upper 60s. 67 in livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. slight chance of showers on thursday. not a great chance. milder friday. highs back into 70s and cooling down saturday clouds increase sunday, a chance of showers. looks like it could be at least a partly wet day. they can occur. >> thank you spencer. >> coming up next reunion of an east bay woman ask a stolen dog. >> the search with a >>> messy hotel labor negotiations led to pickets won't be repeated at least in one hotel this, morning hilton workers and management celebrated signing of a new 5-year labor agreement. the new pact gives 750 milton workers a 4% compensation increase each year. t
developing news out of san jose right now. police are investigating the city's seventh homicide this year. a man in his early teens or 20s found stabbed to death at guadalupe oak grove park. sky 7 shows investigators with mobile crime lab taking pictures of evidence. police have not made arrests. a man oakland is counting on to turn things around started work today. hiring of the former l.a. police chief was a controversial choice. abc 7 news is live now from the police department where the lawman turned consultant held a news conference this afternoon. >> bratton brought in to develop a crime prevention plan and he says there will be success and people start feeling differently about their safety. now, bratton has been in oakland about 72 hours in sunday going on police ride alongs and stopping at a murder scene. now, oakland's problem is his problem. the goal to bring down rising number of violent crimes with this apartment he acknowledges is under staffed. he says the plan to come up with new ways to use state and local law enforcement and a crime tracking computer system. >> this is a
this, was the original site of the funeral before moved to san jose. another crowd gathered to watch proceedings and many more lined overpass as long highway 17 to watch the procession. >> it's very cathartic to be able to come together and grieve together to. see how many people care. >> police kemt departments included salinas and uc berkeley police. >> a scholarship fund has been established in honor of the officers bake skbrer butler, businesses committed $125,000 to it there. is a memorial bracelet available for $15 with an engraving of badge numbers. a portion of the proceeds will go to a memorial fund we have links to both funds at abc 7 and perhaps you'd like to get involved in that way. we're going to hear from law enforcement onit was so important for them to attend today's service. >> following news where police arrested a man trying to get away in a rented moving van. police say they were chasing a domestic violence suspect one front tire was worn down to the rim. the driver tried to get away from police. >> and more breaking news, police shut down part of marke
zront a ton of the jobs on our site. >> bright might be taking a search out of job search. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we've got sandhya patel. >> any outdoor plans this weekend, let me show you right now this is a sign of what is you still to come. no moisture in the form of clouds. we do have a wind advisory that is running and will be expiring. that is where we've been. oakland gusts to 26. so it's breezy out there. you look back towards the golden gate bridge and it's beautiful and sunny. 58 in san francisco. san carlos, 63. oakland it's 62 degrees in half moon bay. highs from low 50s to low 70s. you can see this weekend great-looking weather, upper 40s to low 50s. napa now 64 degrees. here is a look at what is coming up. tonight it's going to be skpleer cool. overnight tonight, sunny, mild for the weekend. rain chances pushing back now. so we're hoping for tuesday. now pushing back to thursday. we're going to keep the pattern dry. so 7:00 tonight notice clear skies and then, heading into tomorrow a few high thin clouds just move through the bay area, tomorrow morning it will be co
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23